Soundproof Solutions Which DON’T Work

There are many myths about soundproofing and people use all sorts of things to have some peace and quiet in their room, for whatever reason.  I wanted to mention some of the methods which DO NOT work but are still used in order to block the noise from the environment. Many people who try some of these realize that their efforts were in vain, but then it is already to late. So I want to help all of you to avoid the same mistakes, keep your money and save your time for something more productive.

Egg boxes – this is a method you probably noticed in some of the movies or TV shows about music bands. While you will need some time to gather enough egg boxes for the task, you will be surprised that there is actually no effect to noise reduction.

Dark paint – while darker paints, lets say black paint, can absorb a lot more light then yellow, it will not do anything to soundproof your room. Again, you would waste your money and time if you decided to use this soundproofing method.

Plywood panels – they can add a retro look to your room but it won’t do anything to block the external noise. It will actually increase it because wood is a good sound transmitter.